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Aparajita Goswami, Founder-President

PhD International Relations

She is deeply interested in working with local communities for restoring the environment. Her focus lies on research and documentation on waste to create awareness and bring action.

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Fariha Fatima, Member

MCom International Business Operations

She is passionate about leading a zero waste life. Her interest lies in  developing her own eco-friendly personal and home care products. She is a strong advocate for sustainability in tourism. 

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Dawa Takspa Vimalacitta, Member

BA Buddhism

A practitioner of minimalism, he cares deeply about the environmental degradation caused due to human action. He is passionate about protecting, feeding and adopting stray and abandoned animals.

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About Us


Mipham Jigmet, Member

MTech Environmental Science and Engineering 

IIT Bombay (pursuing)

His mission is addressing environmental problems. He is passionate about turning waste into resource, devoting his knowledge and energies to developing solutions for re-using, upcycling and recycling waste materials.

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