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Fabric Waste Management

Products made from fabric waste.

The only sustainable way to manage waste materials is by reusing and repurposing them to conserve the resources that have gone into creating them. 

At ZERO WASTE LADAKH, we are passionate about repurposing fabric waste because though the textile industry is one of the top global polluters, little is said and done about textile waste. Out of all forms of textile waste, the least valued is tailor waste, which is the leftover scraps from tailors. It is landfilled, incinerated, dumped, or burnt in the open. Hence, we focus on the reuse and repurposing of tailor waste. 

Our intervention in this regard involves collecting tailor waste, segregating and sorting it, creating utility products from it by engaging local self-help groups, and marketing the upcycled products for the livelihood generation of the self-help groups.


Our intervention helps in conserving textiles, preventing environmental pollution that would result from incinerating or landfilling the textile waste, and fostering a circular economy. To know more, please visit here

Farbic waste management flow chart.
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