Our Strategy


Research & Documentation


We believe that the waste problem has many causes and it is important to investigate these causes in order to develop effective and sustainable solutions. To this end, we are engaged in identifying and studying specific, minute or unnoticed issues on waste to bring out the true nature, origin and scale of the waste problem. The studies are documented in our blog section


Recovery & Upcycling


The only sustainable way to manage the waste that is already around us and the fresh waste created daily is to recover as much of the usable materials as possible and put them to use again. Since all materials are derived from natural resources, be it plastics and synthetic fibres or paper and glass, our effort is to conserve materials by recovering them from the waste and reusing them in sustainable and creative ways. Our principal work in this area is recovering fabric waste from local tailors and upcycling it locally into utility items, such as reusable bags.  


Skill Development & Livelihood Generation


To recover and reuse waste materials, we rely on the local community. We provide skill training to local individuals and self-help groups (SHGs) to harness them as a resource in waste management and environmental restoration and create income opportunities for them in turn, all the while working within the circular economy framework by transforming waste to value.

Awareness & Advocacy

To bring lasting change in the problem of waste, continuous education, awareness generation, advocacy and campaigning are required. Our endeavour is to educate the pubic on waste based on the first-hand information and experience, and raise awareness for adopting sustainable practices. We also advocate and campaign on issues such as switching from single-use to reusables and feeding food waste to stray animals. 

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