Our Impact


To address the waste problem in Ladakh, the final step is to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the implementation of our strategies in order to continue, improve or change these strategies for making desired or greater impact. Our works at Zero Waste Ladakh aim at impacting three spheres: environmental, economic and social. 


Environmental Impact


By recovering and reusing waste, we strive to subtract waste trapped in the environment and turn them into resources for the local community. Our way of measuring the environmental impact of our work is to regularly calculate the amount of materials of different types that we recover and the amount of materials we reuse.


Economic Impact


Our work of making reusable products from waste materials involves imparting job skills, like tailoring, to interested locals, engaging them in making products out of recovered materials, providing commensurate remuneration for their services, and promoting and marketing these products. In this manner, we are empowering locals socially and economically, keeping products and materials, which locals have paid for, within the local economy, and creating capital out of waste, 100% of which is redirected into promoting sustainability. 


Social Impact


Through our waste education and awareness raising, we aim to transform attitudes, choices and behaviours with regard to waste, resources and the environment. This constitutes our social impact, assessed in terms of the campaigns, advocacy meetings and IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) activities. 

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