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Clean up at Skara Spang - I

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Photo credit: Mipham Jigmet

The meadow (Spang) in the Skara neighbourhood of Leh is an extremely beautiful place, which appears clean at one glance, but on looking closer, is littered with trash. Our team has started a slow clean up of the Skara Spang, devoting a few hours in the mornings for the last 2-3 weeks, to photograph the trash and collect as much of the trash as possible. We have so far cleared more than 125 kgs of trash. Much of it seems to have been thrown by people who come to sit, eat, drink and enjoy at the Spang. It is ironical that people dirty the very place they go to enjoy.

Photo Essay

Let's go to the Skara Spang. It's so beautiful and peaceful.

Let's enjoy. Eat and drink something.

How about beer, cooling in summers?

Today is special. We'll have whiskey.

Sitting on the grass and smoking. What fun!

Well, time to go. And the trash? Just leave it behind.

That's clever. And artistic too.

Why not throw the trash in a pit. There it won't show.

Better to throw in the stream. It will get washed away.

Best is to burn. No trace remains.

Hey, look at the donkey! Chewing on our plastic wrapper.

And what is this? Plants growing on plastic! Doesn't plastic decompose?

In 500 years, yes.

Does glass bottle also take that long to decompose? No, that takes only a million years.

Oh, what have we done! It's time to stop destroying and start restoring.

We'll not leave our trash behind at the Spang or anywhere, ever again.

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Deepak Anand
Deepak Anand
Jun 27, 2021



Nava Kumar Goswami
Nava Kumar Goswami
Jun 27, 2021

Very good work. Wish you every success in your endeavour.

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