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Who We Are

Nestled in the Himalayas, Ladakh is one of the highest inhabited places in the world where people live at the altitude of 3500m to 4500m above sea level and are surrounded by towering peaks over 6000m. Our glaciers and our unique ecosystems are under threat due to environmental degradation and the climate crises. ZERO WASTE LADAKH, a non-profit organisation, is dedicated to protecting the mountains and local communities in Ladakh. 


Grassroots Action
We believe that the uniform model of growth driven by globalisation is not suitable for ecologically unique areas. For sustainability, innovation must be indigenously developed, blending technological advancements with local wisdom. We are working to craft local solutions that are in harmony with our ecology and culture.  

Education and Awareness
Due to vested interests, there is a lot of misinformation about the environmental crises, often spread by corporations, governments, and the media. We are dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental problems based on science and evidence.

Local Stewardship
Our local communities are deeply affected by the environmental problems, yet they are not at the discussion table where plans are made. ZERO WASTE LADAKH is a local-led organisation striving to be a local voice and action group for building resilience in the mountain communities. 

Community Engagement
We believe that people can bring change if they come together. Therefore, we work with the local communities and leaders to help them understand the long-term impact of environmental problems. Our projects hinge on active involvement of the local people and administration to maximise our impact. 

Sustainable Solutions
Due to its remoteness, the environmental issues affecting the High Himalayas are not well understood by the global community. Often solutions that are widely adopted, are not applicable to our distinct ecology. We are working to bridge this gap by studying how local communities lived in harmony with their ecosystem over the centuries and how we can tailor modern solutions to fit within our context.

local led organisation
grassroots action
community engagement
education and awareness
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