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The increasing waste in Ladakh is the common problem of the local community because each individual in the community is adding to the problem daily by generating their share of waste. As waste generators everyone is responsible for taking part in addressing the waste problem.


Our current ways of production, consumption and disposal are the cause of the creation of an unmanageable amount of waste, finishing off useful products and materials, and defiling the pristine environment of Ladakh.


At Zero Waste Ladakh, we are working to decrease waste production through education and awareness generation on sustainable living, and finding reuse for waste products and materials by repurposing and recycling.


Help us in restoring the environment and creating sustainability in Ladakh. You can volunteer with us in our day-to-day work or contribute with specialist skills and experiences. Your participation can make a world of difference! 


If you cannot give your time, you can make a monetary contribution or donate things to us like electronic appliances, furniture and furnishing items. Your contribution will be a great help!

Volunteer with us!

Our works are carried forward with the help of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer with us, click below.

Donate things!

Do you have things that you do not need anymore but are still in good condition to be used?
If you would like to give them away, you can donate to us.

Support our projects.

Help us preserve the beauty of Ladakh.

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