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Zero Waste Ladakh is a registered charitable trust working together with individuals and local communities for addressing the growing problem of waste in Ladakh.

Ladakh is a high altitude, desert region in the Indian Himalayas, known for its breathtaking landscapes and extremely harsh winters. Due to its inaccessible geographical location, Ladakh remained cut off from the rest of the country until as late as the 1970s. ...

The Challenge

Ladakh is among the most stunning parts of India and the Himalayas. The jagged, arid mountains and the vast uninhabited hinterlands offer some of the most spectacular landscapes on our planet. However, the amount of waste produced in this region is staggering and it warrants immediate attention.


A lot of the waste is disposed by burning or dumping in abandoned sites and pristine water bodies. The unregulated disposal of waste pollutes soil and water and leads to loss of valuable materials.


Our Mission

We manage resources, conserve materials, and redirect them into the local community for reducing waste while creating economic and social value out of waste.


Our approach is based on the R's principle of the Zero Waste strategy,

which are Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Repair & Reuse, Return, Resale, and Recycle.

Our goal is to change the way waste is perceived and managed in Ladakh.

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Our Action

Research and documentation to generate information on waste

which will give an insight into both the problem and its solutions.


Advocacy, training and campaigning in the local community to reduce consumption of single-use and throwaway products, and change the perception that waste is valueless.

Recovery and reuse of waste materials by making products using local workforce.

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Our Impact

Fabric waste management

We have recovered and reused local fabric waste to make products like reusable bags as a sustainable alternative to single-use carry bags.

IEC Activities

We have raised awareness in the community through presentations and meetings on the waste situation in Ladakh and advocated for behavioural change for preventing waste generation.

Skill Development

We have trained women in Leh and its neighbouring villages in tailoring skills to engage them in fabric waste management work and create livelihood opportunities for them.

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