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Our Volunteers

Meet our past volunteers! They have advanced the cause of environmental protection by contributing through their skills, desire to bring change and commitment to work for it.


Benson Riang, hailing from Agartala in the Northeastern state of Tripura, conducted a two-week field-based study in July 2023 in Ladakh on the theme, "Impact of climate change on vulnerable communities." His study included visits to villages and local communities, and interviews with government officials from various departments, among other activities. A detailed account of his experiences and observations is documented in his research report

Tashi Dolkar, a resident of Leh, volunteered in June-August 2023 as a presenter in the local language during the awareness camps on sustainable menstruation conducted as part of Zero Waste. Period project. A menstrual cup user herself, she participated in about 20 awareness camps, playing an instrumental role in disseminating information among the village communities about menstrual cups as a means of menstrual hygiene and menstrual waste prevention. 


Delnaaz Irani, hailing from Mumbai, conceived the idea of Zero Waste. Period project aimed at reducing menstrual waste by advocating for menstrual cups. A long-time cup user, she was motivated to make the women and girls in Ladakh give up single-use sanitary pads and switch to reusable menstrual cups for their health and environmental benefits. Spending April-August 2023 in Ladakh, she participated in conducting awareness camps on sustainable menstruation in 50+ villages, reaching out to 1300+ females with menstrual cups and comprehensive education on the product's usage. 

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